MIA - Featured dog


From now on we will be choosing to feature some of our beloved dogs in adoption so you can get to know them better and, who knows, perhaps decide to adopt or foster :-)

Our first case to inaugurate this format is MIA, a lovely 2.5 years old dog that has been here with us for almost a year.

It is a special case; she is practically blind due to an illness and that makes her insecure when she is near other dogs, barking at them all the time. Young and full of energy, but nervous. Our volunteer María Teresa says:

"I have taken her out for a walk many times, even out from Asoka, she is a lovely girl: she walks peacefully by your side, she is very friendly and playful... I love her! Her only problem is her insecurity because of the blindness, energy and the little space in her cage. I feel sorry for her, she deserves a caring family. I would take her if I could... Mía gets on very well with my ten-year-old daughter."

You can see her detailed sheet (including videos 👀) in the following link: http://protectoraoriolana.org/ficha-2783

Any help is welcome. Thank you for your time.