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Adopción de SKAR

 ¡Adoptado! el 13-11-2020 por en Escocia
  • Nombre: SKAR
  • Clase Perro
  • Desde 14-4-2019
  • Sexo Macho 
  • Edad 4 años y 8 meses 
  • fecha de nacimiento 3/2016 
  • Raza Mestizo / Mixed Breed 
  • Tamaño Grande 
  • Altura 61 cm alto / 63 cm largo 
  • Localidad Orihuela  (Alicante)
  • ID 2734 





Skar es un perro muy bueno y juguetón, cuando sale a el patio corretea de un lado para el otro y salta hacia ti, en cuanto lo acaricias se pone panza arriba y solo quiere jugar.
No se tira a las jaulas aunque tiene un carácter fuerte. Está pendiente de probar con otros perros.

I have walked with Skar a lot since September. I have meet loose dogs with him - walked together with males, females and puppies with no problem at all. Skar has even been attacked by 2 other dogs without doing anything back. He has been very friendly❤️He is a bit crazy to take out of the cage - But as soon as you get on with the walk he is really good! He is really kind and playfull- he likes to jump up and hold u for a cuddle. When u tell him no he listens .And he walks really well on the leash next to you when you want him to. He will be your best friend and guardian if you let him be. He is the best , and has a really good mentality and does not stress or being fearful at all. A dog I really want to take home with me if I could!! He has been around kids and that is not a problem, maybe a little jumpy for small kids- But I think it would not be a problem for him to learn to calm down around them in a home. .He is smart and wants to please you.
Line - Asoka Volunteer