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Adopción de FELIPE

 ¡Adoptado! el 10-7-2020 por -En Orihuela-
  • Nombre: FELIPE
  • Clase Perro
  • Desde 9-12-2019
  • Sexo Macho 
  • Edad 4 años y 6 meses 
  • fecha de nacimiento 11/2016 
  • Raza Mestizo / Mixed Breed 
  • Tamaño Mediano 
  • Altura 56 cm alto / 46 cm largo 
  • Localidad Orihuela  (Alicante)
  • ID 2878 




Felipe es un perro muy bueno, se lleva bien con machos y hembras, es un poquito nervioso y muy cariñoso.

He is a really nice dog and is good with males and females. A little nervous sometimes but very loving.

Our volunteer LINE says: Felipe is a very calm easy going male. He is good with kids, other dogs and has lived with a lot of different dogs in the kennels. He is always kind and good with them. Felipe is a dog that doesn't get noticed and it is so sad.
Take him out for a walk and you will see the real him. He just wants to get a home and be loved. and have some one to love back.